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Legal Video Services

We are experienced in every form that legal video services can take, and have the knowledge and capabilities to execute any such job to help your case. All legal video work is captured and delivered to you in HD, because we believe you deserve only the best. We take pride in our quality and service, and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our work. Below are a few of our more popular services.

Video Camera


Video Camera


Video Camera

VC Depos

Film Set

Site Inspections

We know how important it is to have a video recording of your client's medical examination in legal proceedings, and deliver a faithful video recording that lets you see everything that occurred.

Videotaping your depositions is an invaluable asset for your case. Videotaped depositions serve as a helpful review tool and a compelling delivery of testimony when used before a jury at trial.

With the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, now more than ever are depositions conducted over video conference an invaluable tool to progress through discovery, and we have the capabilites to faciliate and record your proceedings.

Videotaped inspections of vehicles and sites involved in your case serve as an excellent tools for evidence and help you make the best informed decisions for your litigation.

Film Crew

Video Sync

Broadcast Video Camera

Exhibit Capture

Editing & Post Production

Video Editing

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Deliverable Formats

Synchronizing a video deposition with the transcript is perhaps the most powerful review tools at your disposal, empowering you to search both a video and transcript by word or key phrase, linking exhibits, and creating clips.

Whether you want to show a witness's reaction to an exhibit, or have your expert witness explain an exhibit or demonstrative, we have the capabilities to record exhibits in tandem with the witness to give you the best tools to take to trial.

We offer video editing to make sure your videos are exactly what you want, such as redactions, designations, clip creation, and picture-in-picture editing with exhibits.

Whether you need a DVD or Mpg4, hard copy or digital copy, we deliver your video in the format of your choice because we care about you having a format that works best for you. Even if we didn't tape it, we also offer duplication and reformatting services!

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