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Trial Technology and Presentation

We're here to assist and enable you at trial to do your best, allowing you to focus on the presentation of your case, while we handle exhibit management, video playback, and document presentation. 

Our customized approach to trial tech assistance is catered to your preference and the needs of your case. 

We offer free consultations so that we can work with you to find exactly what you need for you next case, and how we can best serve you.

Trial Technology: Services
Writing Documents

Document Preparation & Demonstrative Design

We know managing 1,000s of documents can be burdensome for you and your team, and we are here to help, through bates stamping, redactions, copies, binder creation, and more. 
We will also work with you to make sure you have everything you need to present in trial, such as trial boards, data visualization, and illustrations. We can also make sure your videos are edited to your preference, and ready to be played to the jury.

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Audio/Visual Support

Our A/V specialists will bring all the equipment and hardware you need to present your case, set up the equipment, and stay on site to ensure its operation and assist in its use. This service is catered to your needs, and while including monitors for all parties in the case to view media displayed, can also include at your request: ELMOs, mobile printer/scanners, laptops, DVD players, and more.


Trial Technician and Presentation

Our trial technicians will operate the software at trial, presenting exhibits as the attorney requests, performing real time annotations, all of which serve to creating a visually captivating presentation and  increasing a juror's engagement and focus on your case.

For more information, including scheduling and pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll quickly respond to your inquires. You can do this by filling out the below form, or email us directly at
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Trial Technology: Contact
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